Helping You With Home Evolution- Style It With Cartbae

Helping You With Home Evolution- Style It With Cartbae

We believe that the world we live in has changed a lot, it had evolved from cave shelters to apartments and duplexes, from raw food to cooked cuisines, and from paper cup telephones to hi-tech smartphones. Our lifestyles have changed, don’t you think our homes should too?

CartBae is a new initiation that believes in enjoying the little things. So, we are happy to suggest a few changes and/or upgrades that you can instill in your homes. We are sure all of you have beautiful homes, but we just want to make sure it delivers. After all, “Your home is a reflection of who you are. Let it shine, just like you”.

This short read will be walking you through a few of the recommendations that we have witnessed coming to life and trust us- there’s nothing better than cosy home spaces that drip with elegance and belongingness. So, there’s nothing to wait for any more, let’s get to it.

Suggestions for you to incorporate in your homes

Here’s what we think is a modern way of keeping your home look elegant and make it complement your life- Soft Lighting Accessories. That’s right, in a fast and chaotic world, you definitely want some quiet when you get back home, well, at least for some time.

It has been scientifically proven that the ambience around us affect both our conscious and subconscious minds. And thus, soft lighting can repair the mayhem of thoughts that a busy and tiring day can cause. And in addition to that, it even helps you freshen up.

Now, let’s provide you with a better view of your changed home:

  • Using natural light for the day would reflect so much better on your mental as well as physical health.
  • Getting rid of total darkness and extreme brightness (via lights) at night by adding several layers of lighting throughout your living space with warm lights can help you transform the drab ambience into soothe
  • Artificial but real-life replicas of candles can be soothing and add to the aesthetics of your homes.
  • Copper-wired string lights and fairy lights can also be a wise choice to maintain the low note of your everyday rhythmic evening.
  • Bedside night-lamps paired with aromatic products can also help in calming your ever-working minds when you’re home- safe and relaxed.
  • Additionally, some home-complementing accessories might also add to the décor as well as your mood

The variety CartBae has in store for you

Our conglomerate of Home Décor products has some interesting choices for adding to your living spaces. Mentioned below is a list of products you can choose from:

  • Multi-colored candles and sensor tea-lights for a quiet festive mood, romantic dates or just an aesthetic ambience
  • Light curtains, battery-operated fairy lights, flameless flickering candle stand, and metal and glass candle holders
  • Bedside night lamps for kids and adults (Baby Unicorn, Peppa Pig, and 3D Moon Light)
  • Urli for festivities paired with floating water sensor tea-light candles (artificial) and oil diffusers to lighten up the mood


We know how important it is to have a safe place to relax and get over the day’s stress, and someone said it true- no place like home. The read above has been focused on soft lighting equipment that can add explicit uplifting of your mood along with enhancements in your home décor. You’d find suggestions that you might try along with what CartBae has to offer.

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