Reflect The High Festive Spirits Of Diwali With Cartbae

Reflect The High Festive Spirits Of Diwali With Cartbae

Diwali has always been a special time of the year for all Indians. No matter what their culture is, what language they speak and where they stay, Diwali is stuck to our hearts.

That is because we’ve all heard stories about why people across the country unite that day to light up candles and diyas to make places look brighter.

And with all the stories, we somehow connect and make them our achievements, the people of India, as a whole. We carry on with the joy that day brought into the world, all those years ago and celebrate it.

This short read will help you make your Diwali festivities better with exclusive décor items, delivered to you in a care package to make sure that you stay safe.

Variety of reasons that leads to Diwali

Four reasons have been marked till today that has lead people in our country to celebrate this beloved festival of lights, and these have been separated by the four directions- North, South, East, and West. These reasons are:

  • North India-Majorly celebrated as the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after being exiled for 14 years with his brother (Laxman) and wife (Sita).
  • South India-Celebrated for the defeat of Narakasura (the demon king), also has a name for Diwali, it is Naraka Chaturdashi.
  • East India- It is celebrated in honor of Goddess Kali (the fierce avatar of Goddess Durga) as a continued celebration of Durga Puja.
  • West India-It is celebrated as the beginning of a new year and honors the goddess of Wealth- Goddess Lakshmi.

Must-Haves for Diwali Celebrations

Well, cliché but Diwali is a festival of lights and it loses its essence if there’s not a lot of light décor. Therefore, string lights, fairy lights, tea-lights, and the like are mandatory to have a traditional Diwali celebration.

And since it’s India, no happy occasion goes by without great food, which means you always prepare yourself to get full each year and you never get disappointed.

In addition to that, another must-have is the ritual for exchanging gifts. People make sure they make their loved ones happy and in most parts of the country people try and make non-related individuals happy too.

Diwali in short brings out the good in every person and lets it get reflected on the world through millions of smiles spread across the world. This is a nationwide belief for “Let light shine out of Darkness”.

What CartBae has to offer to your festive spirits?

Here, we’ll be presenting you with a list of products that CartBae believes, can add extra authenticity to your festive preparations:


Diwali is one of those times of the year when the whole country comes together (metaphorically) to celebrate one festival despite the cultural differences and differences in opinions.

The read above will familiarize you with the different reasons for celebrating the same festival in different parts of the country. Along with that, you’d also find the list of products that you’ll be finding on CartBae to add to your Diwali preparation.

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