365 ecom solutions welcomes you to our world of goodness. Our existence is entirely dependent on the trust and confidence you’ve shown us. We realize the risks associated with any online activity and we understand the need to protect the security of your private details and transactions made with us. Thus we have curated a perfect privacy policy that binds us to respect and protect your interests (orders and finances) and you to place your belief in our services. You’ll be taken through a series of significant norms that have been clustered into our privacy policy below. You will have to agree to all our rules, regulations, and policies that we put in place as enforced by the law of our country and laws of data protection and application (not limited). We ask you humbly, to not use 365 ecom solutions if any or all of our policies do not seem to fit your expectations and you do not agree to it.

Gathering Data

Here is a declaration of all the information we might ask you to provide from time to time within the course of your relationship with our platform. It will begin at the time of registration and will go on throughout for security purposes. Personal data might include proof of identity, demographics, taste and preference details. You’d have to provide your name, date of birth, contacting information and the like, when you start signing up and later move to provide your PAN, GST number, bank and card details, etc. You should know that all of this is to maintain a good relationship with our users and interact with them on a daily. There are even chances that we ask questions about your buying behavior, device location, voice and facial features, browsing history and other significant data now and then.

Data Usage

We assure you that there is complete security provided to the data collected from you as we have to abide by our principles and the laws of the country. All data collected from the users are considered only to help magnify your experience with 365 ecom solutions. We show you products that best fit your taste and preferences, send you emails, text messages or alerts as and when we acquire products that you might like. We focus on enhancing the user experience with safe services and effectively try to resolve or troubleshoot hindrances by maintaining the “non-disclosure” law. Protecting your privacy reflects on our reputation of avoiding error, fraud or any type of criminal activities with proper market research, analysis and time for collecting sufficient data.

Usage of Website Cookies

Our website has been sterilized of all loopholes and data collection tools have been applied for added security. Any information collected from users is protected with “Cookies” on related pages, which are tiny files put into your hard drive. These cookies help us provide you with the optimal utility entailed with our services and do not contain any of your personal information for the same. 365 ecom solutions offers certain site features that can only be carried forward by using the cookies. This includes limiting the number of times you feed in your password during a particular session and helping our team with information that can lead to customizing the results you see on the website.

Data Sharing

We have been abided by law to share your personal details with the government or any such higher authority for maintaining a smooth running of our businesses and service. However, you are entitled to your choices and can explicitly opt-out of consenting us to share your information with any give or potential authoritative entity.

Other Website Connections

365 ecom solutions owns the sole proprietorship of all the products and services we offer and to wit, we have no links to any other entity or website. We believe in our work and strategies, and with your faith, we are determined to match your expectations regarding data breaches and e-commerce services.

Consent and Data Retention

When you visit our online platform and share the requested information, it directly refers to your agreement of the consent. You should know that we do not encourage retaining personal information any longer than it is considered needed. But, we will be retaining it as suggested and enforced by the laws of government without disclosing them to any third party other than the government itself.

Modifications in the Privacy Policy

Users are recommended to check this web page frequently for any changes that may reflect from time to time as we hold the sole authority to do so without any further notice. It should be kept in mind that any amendments made would be to benefit both users and 365 ecom solutions services.

Contact for Queries

The details declared on this page are subject to change as and when we see fit. Users are suggested to get in touch with our team by writing to us, connect with us via any of our social media handles, or voice calls.
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