It is a pleasure to welcome you to 365 ecom solutions LLP. Know that the record for this document will be kept electronically and is considered to be a declaration of the applied terms of use. Here, in any context, a “user” might be referring to any individual who has agreed to the set terms (legally) for being a buyer on our website by successfully creating their account at the time of registration. In another context, “we”, “the brand”, “our”, and “us” would directly be referring to 365 ecom solutions.

Users will be subject to preset guidelines, rules, terms and conditions, and policies that apply to all our services and shall be mentioned in the following. It is notified that we hold the sole responsibility and authority to make changes and modifications (even add and/or remove) any section from the given information with or without any prior indication or notification. It is of utmost significance that you know- continuation of the use of the platform on your part post the changes are made live, would be taken as your agreement and acceptance of them.

Account and Privacy

We ask for some of your personal details such as name, billing and shipping address, contact data, etc. This is for security reasons- both you and us. However, users have the sole responsibility of their accounts on our online platform (user credentials, payment details, and the like). You are suggested to log out of your account whenever you are not actively using it and 365 ecom solutions cannot be held responsible for any suspicious or unauthorized activity from your account. As for privacy (you can also refer to the Privacy Policy), we will be maintaining the highest standards to avoid data breaches and protect your trust at our end.

Access and Conduct

  • Access- 365 ecom solutions services are crafted to provide you with instant and facile access to the website. However, we cannot guarantee it due to the uncertainty that lies within the Internet. You should know that user accounts might be put on hold, suspended or restricted for use in case of implementing changes, maintenance, or repairs. And we will focus on the least time taken to lift such suspension or restriction.
  • Conduct- Users must hold the authority to any activity that is carried on from their accounts and must be solely responsible for any unfair or objectionable operation on the platform. You must focus on avoiding fraud or any criminal/illegal activity, discomfort, unease and discomfort.

Comments and Reviews

As you agree to the terms and conditions set by our website, you’ll be restricted to maintain legitimate and respectful remarks of your views and opinions on any product and service by us. We ensure that your issues will be resolved systematically and will deliver the maximum utility that meets your expectations. However, the system might take some time as per the set rules and regulations.

Offence Claim

If for any reason (any public comment or bad review), you feel offended and feel humiliated by any of our services and/or packages, we will surely deliver you the best of the solutions and work hard to eliminate the offensive element off our website. Requesting you to maintain the conduct and follow that “Inform-remove-resolve” system for any such situation. Write to us, wait for your response and help you (we promise it’ll be as quick as we can).

Copyright and rights

365 ecom solutions holds the exclusive rights and copyright to all the products, services (pre and post-purchase), content, and database you find on the website. Any product image, description, shipping and order rule, illustration, graphic, and audio-visual content are permanently owned by our online platform and is not for personal or external use of any user account. Any action that does not match the declared details here is subject to legal objection.

Age limitations or boundaries

We believe that our platform has items for every age and is highly satisfactory. However, it is mandatory that users, at the time of registration, declare that they are the same or above the legalized age as fixed by 365 ecom solutions, which is 18 and above. If user accounts have been falsely created with fake data, on suspicion, strict legal actions will be taken. And thus, we suggest that if you are less than 18, you should use the platform under the surveillance of your parents or any guardian.

Loss of property/package

We provide the best-in-class products with a wide range of choices and services with standardized free and fast shipping. But we are not to be blamed or held responsible if items in your package are lost or any personal data has been disclosed through your user account. We will help however and as much as we can but we cannot guarantee any particular result.

Change or Amendments

As stated earlier, 365 ecom solutions holds the full authority to bring in changes and make amendments to any preset terms and policies of the website and can enforce it at any time we see fit. Users are subject to be bound with all the applied rules unless there is a necessity to shift or change them as required by the law and/or government. If for any reason there’s proven invalidity or inconvenience, these rules would not be as effective and applicable as the terms of use.

Delay and/or Failure

We ensure that there will be no loose ends from our provided services, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it when we talk about shipment delays or failure. We only have so much authority regarding the delivery of your ordered package. We might be able to help you get in touch with the conveyor (depending on our reach) but that is all we can do to help you track down your order and resolve the encountered problem.


365 ecom solutions is carefully crafted with intricacy to provide you with all the help you require regarding our platform, the products, your placed orders and queries about our services. We will be at your disposal as and when you require our assistance. You just have to ensure that the communication is done electronically- write to us and leave your contact details at the time of registering and ordering. We will get in touch with you via emails, text messages, phone calls, website notices, or any other communication method. All you have to do is agree to receive communications from or platform.

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